Working from Home

Virtual Desk Assessment

'Working from home' for many of us is no longer a personal choice. With many businesses unable to allow their staff to return to their offices as present, employees and the self employed are having to adapt to a sudden change in circumstances. For many of us we have not had to work like this for a sustained period of time and so it is important that we don’t allow this to jeopardise our physical health in the process. Unfortunately with so many people forced into the same situation the availability of home office furniture has been sparse and therefore many of us may be sitting in awkward positions at make shift desks with increased use of laptops instead of your preset office desk setup. 


We offer a 'Virtual Working Station' assessment to help you make the most of the equipment that you have at home and suggestions on equipment you may be able to invest in to help reduce the physical load whilst you work. We are also able to advise you on how best to programme your day and work in appropriate breaks especially if you are already experiencing aches and pains.  

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