For ALL Sport, Non-Sport, Occupational Injuries and Postural Adaptations

Treatment Modalities

Initial Consultation -  45 mins includes Patient Case History, Postural Assessment, Injury Assessment (if required), Treatment and Home care.

Follow-Up Appointment - 30 mins including a brief review of Treatment Plan, followed by further Treatment, Prevention and Rehabilitation Advice. 40 min follow -up appts are available but you will need to speak to your practitioner.

Patients may be required to dress down to underwear or shorts and bra to carry out the postural or injury assessment but ​for more detailed information including prices click here.  To enquire about availability please click here

Medical Acupuncture is a therapeutic treatment modality which uses fine needles to stimulate the nervous system. The main effect is on pain levels through the inhibition (blocking) of the pain receptors. Another benefit is that the needling aids to increase of blood flow to the localised area.

Medical Acupuncture differs from Traditional Chinese Medicinal Acupuncture as it uses conventional medical assessment and current anatomical, physiology and pathology to determine the treatment with no focus on Qi or Ying and Yang. 

Sports Massage 

Sports Massage is a form of massage involving the manipulation of the soft tissues to aid and benefit all ranges of indivuals involved iin physical activity. Sports Massage Therapists have a more indepth knowledge of the causes and treatment of common injuries and are trained to use a variety of massage and articulation techniques to help prevent and rehabilitate a range of tissues including muscle, tendons and ligaments. These techniques can be used pre and post-event as well as to complement training for events by improving fluid flow.

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The Diploma in 'Body Swing Connection' provides Jason with the specialised tools to work closely with Golf Professionals and screen for physical restrictions that are affecting the efficiency of your swing. The ability to highlight key biomechanical restrictions can allow Jason to work directly with your Golf Professional to tailor a programme to achieve and manage the most efficient golf swing for you.