Video Consultations (Telehealth)

Telehealth has been shown to be an effective solution during the COVID-19 pandemic with consideration as to the safety of Face-to-Face consultations. In fact Video Consultations have been used for many years now and provide patients with an opportunity to seek advice from Allied Health Professionals, such as Osteopaths.  

  • Convenience - Patients can contact us without having to travel to clinic.

  • Security - Encrypted platforms are used for the call to protect your privacy.

  • Safety - Social distancing can be maintained therefore reducing any COVID-19 transmission risks.

  • Maintenance - Reassessment of ongoing treatment plans and exercise programmes can be carried out.

  • Price - Reduced cost in comparison to clinic appointment.

  • Speed - It is often quicker for the patient to be triaged and advice given.

  • Video - If relevant the patient may be able to allow the practitioner to see the effected area.