Titlleist Performance Institute Certified

Titleist Performance Institute Medical Practitioner (Level 2)

Jason is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Medical Practitioner having recently completed the Medical Level 2 qualification. He has continued to develop and improve his skill set through the TPI research led courses, which are built around 20 years of PGA professional physical assessment.  Jason began this pathway with the TPI after travelling to Orlando (USA), attending the practical element and passing the level 1 examination.

The Level 1 Diploma in 'Body Swing Connection' provides Jason with the specialised tools to work closely with Golf Professionals and screen for physical restrictions that are affecting the efficiency of your swing. The ability to highlight key biomechanical restrictions can allow Jason to work directly with your Golf Professional to tailor a programme to achieve and manage the most efficient golf swing for you.

The Level 2 Medical qualification is complete assessment of the individuals overall joint mobility but as importantly their ability to stabilise the joints during the movements required to perform an efficient swing. Our bodies are excellent at adapting when, for instance, we are in pain, so we are able to continue to function. The problem lies with the fact that our body's do not inherently have a reset button when everything is better. Often the adapted way we were moving through injury or just repeated stress is accepted by the body as the correct way to move thus altering the way our muscles perform around that joint. This can ultimately lead poor joint function, pain and mobility issues. In turn these factors impact on your consistency to perform and your ability to generate power in your swing. As a Medical practitioner Jason is trained to highlight the causes through the TPI assessment and correct them with targeted treatment and strengthening plus working closely with your golf coach to make appropriate swing changes all of which will build a more powerful and consistent golf swing.