"As a new runner, wanting to stay injury free and able to work on my fitness, I received sports massage treatment from Jason as I prepared for my first half marathon. I am convinced that the combination of therapy and at-home tips & stretches he taught me made a difference in my ability to complete the race without injury. A post-race massage helped speed my recovery as well.

I am already signed up for my second half marathon and will keep making sports massage with Jason part of my routine to keep me on the road!"

Cynthia, Human Resources Consultant, Age 40


"Jason's approach is not a close-minded approach that is found from many sports injury therapists. By listening to your problem and catering for your specific needs, Jason engages with the specific problem and possible causes. As an Olympic weightlifter, my body is under constant stress from training. Jason helped me to overcome my spinal injury and prevent further problems in the future and consequently would not hesitate to urge others to realise the value the benefits of sports massage and to visit Clemow Sports Massage."

Kristian, Olympic Weightlifter and Parkour Athlete, Age 21

"I started seeing Jason in late November 2016. I had been suffering for about 2 years with a back problem that had left me unable to exercise, run or play football. When I went to see Jason, I was still trying to find the person that would just click my back and I would be back to normal like the stories you here from other people. “Yeah see this bloke, he sorted me out after 2 sessions”. I had already seen various Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors when Jason was recommended to me via a friend who he had helped. Jason was very honest with me and after I had described the history of my injury and he had completed his assessment, he told me what I considered to be ‘bad news’ in that it was not going to get better overnight and that he could not guarantee I would be able to return to football. The history and symptoms suggested that a longer process of treatment and rehabilitation was the only way my back may improve but that it would be important to reassess for improvements after only a few appointments. Jason was also very clear from the onset that if I was not prepared to engage and commit to the rehabilitation then this would likely reduce improvements and lead to mutual frustrations. He seemed interested in achieving results for me and so I decided that I would give it one last go but if it failed then that would be that.

The first time I saw Jason, I weighed 15 and a half stone. I was very out of shape as the injury had stopped me from being able to train. Jason immediately seemed intent on finding the cause for my back pain rather than just treating the symptoms and gave me tailored stretches to do every morning from the first appointment. I was encouraged as I quickly felt a slight improvement in my pain and I decided to make changes to my diet to help lose weight. From the onset Jason was interested in educating me about my injury and after only 4 months of treatment, focused strengthening exercises and advice I started to jog again. I also noticed that my posture had improved and now only weighing in at only 13 stone meant I felt so much better in myself.  With the understanding Jason had given me about my injury and my confidence increasing I asked if it was too early to start kicking a ball around and rejoin the football team for training.  Jason just encouraged me to try whatever I was comfortable with saying that I knew my body better than anyone else and to trust my judgement. He designed an individualised warm-up and warm-down routine including specific stretches for training days and match days to maintain the injury and now 10 months on I am playing football 3 times a week.

The best thing is that I now understand how to recognise the warning signs and to avoid a flare up but if one was to occur I know exactly how to keep the symptoms to a minimum."

Andy, Gas Engineer, Age 29

"I first got in touch with Jason when I was preparing to run my first marathon this year and wanted to try some Sports Massage sessions to help me through the training.  I found Jason to be very professional, knowledgeable and an excellent masseur.  The sessions really helped prepare me for the marathon and I ran a time of 3 hours 30 minutes. 

I would not hesitate in recommending Jason and will certainly visit him again in the future."

Richard, IT Consultant, Age 41

"When I first met Jason I had been suffering with a back complaint for a few weeks which has become bad enough to stop me playing a full round of golf. A visit to the chiropractor had eased the problem temporarily but had not produced a lasting effect.

I was immediately impressed with Jason's professional approach and confident that we have finally tracked the source of the problem after the initial assessment session. By following Jason's advice and attending just a few follow-up sessions I am now back to playing regularly on consecutive days without discomfort which, for me, was the goal. 

I have now embarked on a maintenance programme which keeps me feeling fitter than I have for some time. On top of all that the treatment is a pleasurable experience in its own right!

I can recommend Jason without hesitation."

Peter, Club Golfer, Age 64

"I have used Clemow Sports Massage for a recent injury. After a set of sessions and with advice and set exercises, My niggles and injury have now gone. I'd like to thank Jason for the wonders he worked on me. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone with a injury and a good sport massage."


Jade, Fitness Instructor, Age 26 


"I consulted with Jason with a long-standing Achilles Tendinopathy, which had started as a tear and developed into an inflamed area around a 'lump of concrete' scar tissue. It was so uncomfortable that I had stopped most sporting activities, couldn't lace up my walking boots, and limped a lot of the time. After seeing a series of health professionals, with little success, I had come to the conclusion that this was a situation I would have to lice with. However, after a year of working with Jason, the scar tissue has reduced dramatically, I have much more flexibilty, I have been able to resume sporting activities, and most impressively, I rarely think about my Achilles tendon at all. I am delighted with this outcome, which is better than I had dared to hope for and would definitely recommend Jasoon as a therapist.


Lesley Biomechanical Scientist, 48

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