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Still Open and Here to Help

As we head into another 'Lockdown' we felt it was important to reach out and remind everyone that Osteopaths as Allied Health Professionals (AHU's) and essential workers can continue to provide their services. Some may be concerned that if they are in pain, have injured themselves or are just worried about a niggle or strange symptom that they could not visit 'their' therapist. Although this will be true, as some therapies are not able to continue throughout ‘Lockdown’, we will remain OPEN to be here for you.


Our Harrow clinic remains open providing services throughout this month-long lockdown, to help the public and our patients remain fit and well. We are aware that for many, including us, that these are worrying and uncertain times with health as a paramount concern. With this in mind, we would like to draw your attention to some of the ‘Services’ that we provide with a view to giving patients access to healthcare even from the safety of their homes.

· Telehealth - We provide a confidential video or telephone appointment where we are able to listen to you and any concerns you may have plus discuss and find out relevant information to provide you with a diagnosis, advice and if required lead you through rehabilitation exercises to aid your recovery. Much of the information and the basis for a diagnosis in clinic is based on the information (case history) collect by the practitioner from the patient. Our training and expertise will allow us to also advise you on the correct pathway of referral, if required.

· Virtual Desk Assessment - Appropriate and individual desk setup is one of the key factors in the management of occupational stresses and strains on the body. Our training and qualifications allow us to provide you with an assessment and report of your present working environment and recommendations of changes. If you are already suffering with discomfort and pain from the enforced changes to work life (working from home) during ‘Lockdown’ then again, our Osteopathic training can help with further assessment and advice.

· Ongoing Sporting Injuries - We see patients in our clinic who have ongoing and reoccurring injuries, some who have received previous treatment and others who have tried to train through the injury with periods of rest during 'flare-ups'. Many of these patients are unaware that when they first suffered the injury their bodies did a fantastic job of adapting its movement to reduce their pain (offloading the area). They are also often unaware that when the pain dissipates the body does not have a reset button and so they often live with the adapted pattern of movement as the new 'norm'. We use our training to assess for changed patterns and once provide you with exercises to correct the movements. Please see our blog 'Reoccurring Injuries and the Importance of Functional Rehabilitation' for more information.

· Golf Physical Movement Assessment - With the recent announcement of the closure of Golf courses in the UK during Lockdown (until Dec 2nd) what better time to start improving the physical side of the game in preparation for next season. Jason can provide a virtual assessment, report and plan through his Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) qualifications which will highlight mobility and stability issues for you to work on. These results can also be share with your golf coach to provide them information to adapt your swing to provide the most efficient swing for your physical abilities. Jason is also happy to discuss or work with your golf coach to improve physical restrictions that are affecting your swing.

We do offer other services in clinic and if you would like further information please visit www.clemowtherapies.com. These have and continue to be trying times for all of us and we hope that not only can we be of service to you but that you all stay safe and well.


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