• Jason Clemow

Ruislip Clinic Reopening

The time has finally come (15th July) to reopen our Ruislip Clinic and welcome our patients back. We took the decision back in the middle of March to close the clinic, so as not to impact on the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required by the National Health Service (NHS) and we felt a moral obligation to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 through face-to-face consultations.

So, what have we been up to in the meantime you might ask? Well like many with young children there has been a lot of Daddy Day Care, some long awaited return to a decent fitness regime and a stack of studying to stay up to date with the changes in protocols and regulations and required continual professional development to remain registered as an Osteopath.

I have to at this point say that I take my hat off to all those who played a part in providing care to those whose suffered with COVID-19 during the pandemic, not only from a position of their dedication but also the unexpected hardship of wearing full PPE and the additional physically draining impact it has. Having had a practice day in clinic, wearing full PPE I can tell you it is both physically and mentally draining constantly following cleaning and application procedures and this is without the pressure of helping those with suspected or confirmed symptoms.

Keeping you Safe

We have spent the last month risk assessing how we can return to work, making the environment both as safe as possible but also as welcoming as possible. We have outline the changes to procedure for our patients arriving at the clinic which you can read more about at https://www.clemowtherapies.com/covid-19 and these will be constantly reviewed to meet the Government and NHS recommendations.

The great news is that after months of lockdown we are now here to help you get moving again. If you would like to get back to more freedom of movement then contact us to secure an appointment or take a look at our website www.clemowtherapies.com for more information.

Take care and Stay Alert.


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