Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens on the First Appointment?

The initial appointment comprises a couple of seemless stages. The first component involves gathering information about you, your presenting symptoms and any relevant medical history for safety and insurance purposes. The second stage is based around assessment for musculoskeletal issues based upon the information disclosed with a view as to determining a working diagnosis. The final element having discussed the working diagnosis with the patient is to proceed with the agreed treatment.     

Will I Receive Treatment on the First Appointment?

The majority of patients will receive treatment on the first appointment. Safety is one of the key considerations and therefore on rare occasions the collection of the case history and assessment of the symptoms may mean little time is left for treatment. Should a referral for further medical assessment be required at any stage then permission will be requested to refer you to your GP or suitable healthcare practitioner. 

What Should I Wear?

As with most medical examinations you will be expected to dress down to your underwear and therefore you may be more comfortable bringing a pair of shorts and sports bra. It may be more beneficial if the sports bra has a rear clasp. 

Do I Need to be Referred by my GP

No a referral is not necessary. You may be required to have a GP's referral to claim through your Health Insurance Policy but many Policies now allow for referral straight from the Osteopath.

Can I Use My Health Insurance?

Yes, we are registered with Simply Health and Cigna.  With Simply Health you present for treatment and then present your receipt of payment for reimbursement. With Cigna you will need to ring and gain pre-authorisation for the treatment and then we will be reimbursed by the insurance company.

Can I Bring a Colleague or Friend?

Yes. In some instances you may be asked to bring a colleague or friend but ultimately we would like you to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. 

COVID-19 - Unfortunately it is no longer possible to bring a colleague or friend unless you are under 18 due to the regulations concerning the pandemic.

Do you have any Testimonials?

Yes, we did used to have a Testimonials page on the site but now we use Google and Facebook Reviews as this is an easier way for our clientele to leave a Testimonial of their experience of our services. If you would like to view the Testimonials then please click here.

Do you have a Cancellation Policy?

Yes, we have in place a 24 hour full appointment cancellation charge to protect appointment times on the day and to maximise availability to our clientele.